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Intrinsys Hosts "CATIA for Yacht Design" Seminars

October 28, 2008

On the 23rd October, Intrinsys and Dassault Systèmes hosted a seminar in Southampton on the subject of CATIA for the Yacht Industry. The event proved to be an overwhelming success with 24 companies attending the seminar. Joining the team from Intrinsys and Dassault Systèmes UK was François Mathieu, Yacht Market Development Leader for Dassault Systèmes in France.

The event consisted of a demonstration of the core functionality of CATIA including solid modeling, surfacing, drafting, digital mock-up, rendering, systems engineering and data management. This was later followed by a demonstration of more specific areas of functionality such as composite design and manufacture, finite element analysis and N/C manufacture. The two demonstration phases were punctuated by a fantastic customer testimonial from Wayne Huntley, Head of Design at Southampton Yacht Services who outlined their experiences with CATIA, the benefits they were now experiencing and activities for the year ahead. Wayne’s presentation also included a valuable comparison with SolidWorks and identified areas where CATIA was considered to be superior. Wayne commented “CATIA offers superior links management for example when updating designs with new geometry and when dealing with large assemblies CATIA is far more capable.”

Another highlight of the day was the UK launch of the new CATIA Hydrostatics product. Fully integrated into CATIA, the product stimulated significant interest with all the Naval Architects and is a significant breakthrough within the industry. For the first time there is now a single “design toolset” that can be used, starting with the initial hydrostatic design through to styling design and detail design layout. More importantly the single toolset allows changes to be propagated in either direction due to the associativity of the data.

Intrinsys were pleased with the level of interest shown in the product and this was further displayed at the end of the day when the room remained full with people keen to see more of what the product had to offer the industry. Following on from the seminar there are a number of clients who have requested visits to demonstrate the software to a wider audience within their companies.

Intrinsys intend to run another event early next year for people that were not able to attend the last event and it is hoped that the growing exposure of the software within the domain will continue and CATIA will become the product of choice for yacht industry in the future.

For more information and bookings contact Angela Cairns