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IntrinsysFEA Discuss the Future of FEA at NAFEMS UK Conference & Exhibition

June 20, 2014

IntrinsysFEA, the dedicated analysis and simulation group within Intrinsys, were on station at one of the most significant FEA events of 2014, the NAFEMS UK Conference & Exhibition.  Taking place in the plush surroundings of The Oxford Belfry Hotel, the event attracted some of the most significant users of analysis and simulation software in the UK.

Representing Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA and Midas, IntrinsysFEA were keen to promote the benefits of a PLM integrated future for FEA in the UK. Unsurprisingly they were delighted to receive a warm response from the delegates they spoke to.

The success of British engineering is gaining momentum as there is increasing recognition for its innovative and superior engineered products. IntrinsysFEA understand, first-hand as a consumer for the products they sell and support, the part that increasing the focus on the integration of product design and analysis in product development can produce.  Right now British engineering companies are working on products that are smaller, more powerful and more feature rich that the rest of the world and they are using the very latest software developments to maintain their edge.

Delivering analysis and simulation as a product or a service is what IntrinsysFEA do best, ensuring that every business, mostly irrespective of requirement or budget, has a good solution to their FEA needs.

If you didn’t make it to the event and would be interested to hear more about IntrinsysFEA’s view on the future of FEA, or about the products and services IntrinsysFEA deliver, please contact Dr Auday Al-Rawe