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IBM License Use Management (LUM) Support Will Cease on 31st December 2013

February 14, 2013

Dassault Systèmes has recently announced that support for the IBM License Use Management (LUM) technology, used to license its V5 products, will cease on 31st December 2013.  All customers currently using LUM to manage their licenses are being asked to migrate to the Dassault Systemes License Server (DSLS) which is now available.  The migration path from LUM to DSLS will depend on the specific V5 product releases in use; please see the following overview of the options available for different releases.

V5R21 Onwards
V5R21 and V5-6R2012 (V5R22) are designated compatibility releases and, as such, can operate with both LUM and DSLS licenses.  Future releases from V5-6R2013 (V5R23) onwards will only support DSLS licenses.  Effectively this means that customers using V5R21 and any higher releases can migrate to DSLS at their convenience.

V5R19 and V5R20
V5R19 and V5R20 use LUM licenses only by default, however hotfixes have been developed that allow these releases to use DSLS licenses.  The hotfixes are available for V5R19 SP9 and V5R20 SP4-SP7 only.  Please note that hotfixes are service pack specific so it will be necessary to apply the appropriate service pack before the hotfix can be installed.

Releases Prior to V5R19
V5R18 and all previous releases support LUM licensing only.  There are no hotfixes available to enable DSLS licensing on these releases.

DS will continue to issue LUM licenses for those customers wishing to keep using them; however there will be no support for LUM license related issues after 31st December 2013.  Customers using V5R19 onwards should consider upgrading to DSLS at a convenient time, such as during an upgrade or around the license anniversary date when keys are re-issued.  Please contact us if you have questions or would like some assistance with LUM to DSLS license migration.