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Dassault Systemes to Support Phiaro Design Contest at Tokyo Show

October 19, 2009

Dassault Systems and Phiaro Corporation today announced that Dassault Systems supports the “Phiaro Design Challenge 2009” for concept car development. DS software CATIA and 3DVIA were used for the participating projects which will be exhibited at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. An excellent example for Dassault Systems 3D softwares’ ability to enhance the freedom of expression of a new generation of designers, as well as its support for eco-design and eco-products, helping enable a sustainable future.

The “Phiaro Design Challenge 2009” is a joint project between Phiaro, Dassault Systems and educational institutions such as the Nagoya Institute of Technology. The Nagayo Institute of Technology is committed to educate next-generation designers through product development process classes. An example of recent developments is a one-third sized mock-up of “XFV”, a future eco-commuter car with battery, which will be exhibited at the Phiaro booth. The “XFV” will be produced by Phiaro Corporation based on the design and images developed by students from Nagoya Institute of Technology, using CATIA for design and simulation. In addition, 3DVIA Virtools invites visitors of the booth to a new lifelike experience, as they can interactively drive “XFV” through future cities.

“For this project, we felt the necessity to create an attractive state-of-the-art technology showcase focusing on the latest technology, materials and content,” said Akihiko Iwasaki, president of Phiaro Corporation. “We believe that such a trial will contribute to motivate future talents and expand the possibility of innovative product development.”

“We are very pleased to support this important project from Phiaro Corporation,” said Tomohiko Suetsugu, president, Dassault Systems Japan. “We are dedicated to help companies produce innovative eco-products with New Monozukuri and also extend 3D technology to many people, by introducing the power of 3D.”

The Phiaro exhibition will be located at the Carrozzeria booth (East Hall) at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 to be held at Makuhari Messe from October 24 to November 4 (open for the public). For more information visit

About Phiaro
Phiaro Corporation Inc., Ltd. is a design development maker with long history, founded in 1939. Its key business is design development of industrial products such as automobile and motorcycle including show car, and it has 4 design offices in Japan and 1 in California in America. Phiaro covers from concept design to manufacture of products and also support design development of OEMs. For more information visit