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Intrinsys Managing Director Speaks at the Dassault Systemes PLM 3DExperience Forum

June 16, 2014

Darren Cairns, Managing Director of the Intrinsys group of companies (including Dassault Systemes Business Partner, Applied CAE; FEA specialist, MidasFEA; and engineering consultancy, Integral Powertrain) was recently asked to speak at the Dassault Systemes PLM 3DExperience Forum in London. 

Fellow presenters at the event included yachtsman Sir Ben Ainslie, winner of 5 medals at various Olympic Games and member of the Oracle Team USA for the 34th America’s Cup final, and Matthew Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus F1 where Matthew is overseeing the transition of a team punching well above its weight into a genuine and consistent F1 title challenger. 

Darren’s presentation centred on innovation and the positive impact it can have on a business.  Innovation is the key to survival, growth and ultimately long term profitability. Companies strive to compete and often the focus is on cost savings as a means to achieve this objective.  However, sometimes profitability can be achieved in ways other than through cut backs, rationalisation and outsourcing to low cost economies.  At both Integral Powertrain and Intrinsys, innovation has been used as an alternative means of achieving competitive advantage.

Within Integral Powertrain, innovation has allowed the business to become the world leader in the design and development of high density electric machines, used to power some of the leading hybrid vehicles for a range of prestigious car manufacturers.  Product innovation has been the key to maximise power density whilst minimising weight, package space and component cost.

Meanwhile at Intrinsys, the company regards process innovation as a key enabler and some years ago started to exploit the rapidly developing PLM tools available at that time.  Identifying process innovation as a means to compete against low cost economies, Intrinsys is now a unique PLM partner that is itself a user of the tools it offers.  Developing knowledge based process templates, Intrinsys now offers a service deploying the latest PLM tools and processes to clients across a wide range of companies and industries.

This focus on process innovation has seen Intrinsys grow to become the largest Dassault Systemes Business Partner in the UK and with the formation in 2013 of an operation in South Africa, the future for the business looks very positive.