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Dassault Systemes Launches V6R2010

June 24, 2009

There are companies worldwide who want to replace their multiple existing solutions with a single, integrated and globally deployable one, so that they can concentrate on a collaborative engineering for improved efficiency. To provide such a solution Dassault Systemes has launched V6R2010, the latest release of its new V6 platform. V6 PLM Express is tailored specifically for mid-market businesses and small teams within large organizations. V6R2010 includes groundbreaking direct modeling capabilities and realistic simulation solutions for non-experts.

The scalability and openness of the V6 platform, its out-of-the box configurations and its easy-to-use intuitive V6 interface makes it appealing. V6's inherent integration to the supply chain enables various teams in a company to collaborate seamlessly with suppliers. V6R2010 opens up key PLM 2.0 values to the mid-market, including real-time seamless collaboration, online-enabled design-anywhere functionality, and a single, open scalable platform, in a pre-packaged, ready-to-use environment engineered for rapid deployment. V6R2010 provides solutions to a number of industries namely:

  • High-tech: V6R2010 ready to use business process capabilities enable high-tech OEMs and EMS companies to drive an efficient sourcing strategy and ensure product and component compliance, while enabling "Design Anywhere, Manufacture Anywhere" agility and savings.
  • Shipbuilding and Energy: V6R2010 3D equipment catalogs, tubing and piping are the first set of dedicated advanced authoring applications that benefit from the V6 collaborative platform.
  • Life Sciences: V6R2010 enables the management of the increasing complexity of medical devices coupled with growing quality requirements.
  • Industrial Equipment: With V6 PLM Express, V6R2010 focuses on small and medium size companies with a sales configurator that entitles online component and sourcing management to lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: V6R2010 introduces a new ENOVIA CPG Accelerator, this Integrated Product Management accelerator integrates components and formula raw materials for comprehensive product definition, enabling global change management and dynamic approval to accommodate regulated industry requirements.
  • Consumer Goods: V6R2010 features ENOVIA Apparel Accelerator for Sourcing and Production manages not only sampling, testing, RFQ (Request for Quote), and costing activities but also related pre-production activities.
  • Automotive: With a single PLM platform for IP management, V6 offers a seamless product to process integration without any engineering and manufacturing data duplication.
  • Aerospace: V6R2010 delivers risk management at the program level, provides real-time views on program status and manages IP protection.