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Dassault Systèmes, An Innovation Enabler for Sustainable Living

July 1, 2009

Dassault Systèmes embraces sustainable development, its vision is to enable companies to create better products for people and the environment. Amid the economic downturn, it is even more critical to avoid unnecessary waste of natural resources and energy in the manufacturing process and in the final products themselves. The following is what DS is providing to support our customers in terms of going “green”.

By providing real-life 3D visualization and simulation of the entire product lifecycle, DS solutions allow manufacturers to anticipate and manage, during product design, the environmental impacts of their products – from product use to maintenance to end-of-life recycling. In fact, 80% of environmental impact can be determined during the design phase.

Preserving Natural Resources
The amount of raw materials used to manufacture a product is a major factor of in its impact on the environment. For example, with CATIA optimization processes, manufacturers can minimize the use of raw materials in a given product while ensuring maximum finished product strength. In addition, DELMIA’s digital manufacturing solutions can help companies stream line industrial operations so as to reduce energy and water consumption as well as eliminate the need for physical prototypes by allowing developers to go from digital designs directly to actual production, avoiding costly design and manufacturing changes while ensuring higher-quality designs that result in less late engineering alterations.

Complying with Environmental Legislation
Increasingly stringent environmental legislation requires manufactures to gather and report data on materials used in new products. The aim is to avoid the use of hazardous substances and to progressively make manufacturers more accountable when it comes to end-of-life product management. DS customers use ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central to comply with environmental norms such as European environmental directives.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency
Rising energy costs and concerns over climatic change are leading manufacturers to design more energy-efficient products.

Improving Ergonomics and Safety
DS solutions are conceived to allow a designer to understand and optimize the relationship between people, products and industrial processes, throughout a product’s lifecycle. Automotive manufacturers continuously strive to improve vehicle design, ergonomics and safety. SIMULIA software allows them to produce virtual prototypes to test and simulate both production line and end-product safety.