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Dassault Systèmes' 3DVIA Composer to Facilitate Its Production Process

August 24, 2009

Komatsu Forest uses 3DVIA Composer to easily create instruction movies in 3D, thus significantly improve the quality for the assembly of its machines, as well as saving money as fewer products will be recalled.

Komatsu Forest manufactures machinery under the mechanical forestry brand Valmet. In the factory in Umeå, production staff has so far only worked with two-dimensional images as the basis for the assembly work. Instead, the assembly line can use the instruction movies created in the visualization program 3DVIA Composer during the production process.

“It can be quite complicated to set up our machines. With moving images instead of the previous sketches on paper, the production process becomes much easier and leading to much better results”, says Maria Larsson, CAD manager at Komatsu Forest.

Komatsu Forest uses 3DVIA Composer for assembly instructions, movies for the maintenance of machines and spare parts documentation. It is mainly to avoid assembly errors of the machines. Production work is complex and the company previously experienced challenges in getting a steady and high quality of assembly work. The investment in 3DVIA Composer pays off quickly by reducing the number of product returns.

Komatsu Forest already uses the Dassault Systèmes CAD program CATIA. They can re-use what is in CATIA directly in 3DVIA.

“We saw the direct benefits we may have of the program. 3DVIA Composer is fully integrated with CATIA. Prototype work, where you still make several changes during their work, is much easier. Everyone who is involved has always access to the latest information,” says Maria Larsson.

In the long term, Komatsu Forest see possibilities of using 3D movies to marketing materials, and also for the training of dealers and users. The next step is to also integrate this with the PLM system ENOVIA Smarteam.