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CyberGlove Systems and HAPTION Partner to Enhance Dassault Systemes Product Suites

February 16, 2010

CyberGlove Systems, partners with HAPTION, a company known for incredible haptic hardware and software solutions for VR, CAD and PLM applications. HAPTION’s Interactive Physics Simulation Interface (IPSI) API now supports the wireless CyberGlove II. Through IPSI, customers are able to add real-time physics calculation with a device, like the CyberGlove II, for manipulation within the VR or CAD environment. IPSI is used in HAPTION’s implementation of physics manipulation for Dassault Systemes’ CATIA, Delmia, Virtools and SolidWorks.

“I have always considered HAPTION a key partner. The fact that they have implemented support for CyberGlove in such a way validates our long-standing relationship. To have our product as a major component for hand manipulation in their human avatar for Dassault Systmes’ various software suites is a testament to the value we offer to the market place,” stated Faisal Yazadi, CEO of CyberGlove Systems. “This is a partnership that makes sense for both our companies, ultimately delivering what our customers want and need.”

“What is great about our solutions is with our human avatar module, we can enable manikin manipulation,” said Pierre Vercruysse, International Sales Manager, HAPTION. “You can activate the full body or part of the body with real-time manipulation, collision detection, recording and so on. With the addition of CyberGlove support, you now have very accurate hand and finger manipulation, grasping of virtual and real objects, really doing more natural interactions and operations. This is extremely important for high-end CAD and VR systems such as CATIA and Delmia, and we are the only ones that currently offer this.”