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Cranfield Wolves Continue their Dominance in the League

February 10, 2015

Cranfield University Handball Club won 40-19 against Peterborough to remain on top of the table

The Wolves started to dominate the game from the very beginning. With a good display of defence in the first few minutes, the team were able to set up an early lead on the scoreboard. However, shortly after Cranfield started to pull ahead, an injury to the lead defender Jesus Campos noticeably lowered the team's defensive performance. Thanks to individual actions in offense, the team managed to arrive at half time with a good lead. After the promising first half, the team expected a relaxed second half. And it was indeed relaxed.

During the second half, Cranfield seemed to be out of the game. Lacking focus as a team, scoring opportunities relied on individual effort for the entire half. Thanks to the quality of the players, the result was never in danger, and Cranfield managed to stay in front for the whole game. Now the wolves look forward to the next challenge, the second leg of the University Tournament, which will take place in Nottingham on the weekend of the 14-15th February. For this event, the Wolves will need to step up their game by a gear or two, but under the lead of Player/Coach Alejandro Castillo, they are confident that a good result is achievable.