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Abaqus Workshops: The Complete FEA Solution for Realistic Simulation

October 4, 2012

Abaqus FEA product suite offers powerful and complete solution, for both routin and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications

- Understand the detailed behaviours of a complex assembly
- Refine concepts for a new design
- Understand the behaviours of new materials
- Simulate a discrete manufacturing process

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Why Choose Abaqus?
- Complete and flexible solution
- Delivers accurate and robust solution
- High performance for challenging non-linear problems
- Handles large scale linear dynamic applications
- User programmable, scripting and GUI customisation features
- More design alternatives in less time
- High performance parallel computing environment

Sample Industry
Automotive engineering work: Consider full vehicle loads, dynamic vibrations, multi-body systems, impact, crash, non-linear static, thermal coupling, acoustic structural coupling, common model data structure and solver technology.
Product suite                               
- Abaqus/Standard                              
- Abaqus/Explicit
- Abaqus/CFD
- Abaqus for Academia
- Automotive
- Aerospace & Defence
- Architecture & Construction
- Consumer goods
- Energy
- High tech
- Industrial equipment
- Ship Building
- Turbo machinery
- Life sciences