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3D Content Creation Made Even Easier With the Release of 3DVIA Shape 2.0

September 15, 2008

Latest Version of Free, Online 3D Modeling Software Allows Users to Reuse or “Remix” Models from Other 3DVIA Users

Dassault Systèmes today announced 3DVIA Shape 2.0, the latest release of its free 3D modeling software featuring an all new and expanded 3D remix capability. This latest update will make creating and publishing online 3D content amazingly easy by allowing users to construct or “remix” complete 3D scenes using models contributed by other users on the content library.

The new 3D remix functionality is accessed through a search panel within the product. Users simply enter a search term, select a model from the results and insert the model they need into their projects. With a few clicks of a mouse, users can create complete 3D models of just about anything and publish them online. For example, a user could build a 3D model of her house and accessorize it with furniture, cars and many of the models posted by the more than 45,000 registered users of the site.

“The new 3DVIA Shape further extends 3D content creation to a whole new set of users and provides a new outlet for our existing 3D artists to share their work,” said Lynne Wilson, senior vice president and general manager, 3DVIA, Dassault Systèmes. “The new 3D remix capability not only makes 3D publishing easier, but also more fun. We’re excited to see what our user community will create.”

The free 3D modeling software is available immediately and can be downloaded at With the addition of the new 3D remix feature, 3DVIA Shape 2.0 will now provide three main areas of functionality.

  • Shape: Simple, but powerful 3D modeling technology designed to be easy enough for anyone to quickly express ideas in 3D
  • Remix: Edit and modify Shape models published by other users, or skip right to constructing complete 3D scenes with models posted by the 3DVIA community
  • Publish: Users can publish and share their work directly through and on their blogs, profiles or most Web pages through the embeddable 3DVIA interactive player

Additional features of this release include upgrades to the user interface, video tutorials and other design and performance enhancements based on feedback from the fast-growing 3DVIA community.

About 3DVIA
3DVIA is Dassault Systèmes' brand for lifelike 3D product experiences. 3DVIA extends 3D to new users, businesses and consumers in order to create new communities with 3D as the common language. With its open web services-based architecture, it enables high-performance distribution of 3D content. 3DVIA also delivers authoring products that revolutionize 3D product publishing and the Virtools platform for developing interactive, real-time applications.

For more information about 3DVIA, go to: