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TechniaTranscat Join the UKIEF as a Gold Sponsor

February 16, 2017

Intrinsys, the Intelligent Engineering Company, is delighted to announce that TechniaTranscat will join the UKIEF as a Gold partner on 5th April 2017.

As well as exhibiting their latest Intelligent Engineering solutions, delegates at the UKIEF will have plenty of opportunity to meet TechniaTranscat and network with their senior professionals.

What Will TechniaTranscat Bring to the UKIEF?

  • Value Components: Get more value out of your ENOVIA system by enhancing overall productivity, performance, upgradeability and end user adoption rates with the Value Components. By providing pre-built enhancements to standard ENOVIA functionality, the Value Components can lead to faster and higher returns on PLM investments.
  • Tools are a portfolio of expert applications that enable its administrators to dramatically improve the service delivered to their end users.
  • Integration Framework will reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise integrations to PLM systems, while bringing up the flexibility and speed of implementation. The Integration Framework connects ENOVIA and many enterprise softwares, enabling smooth integrations to other systems like ERP.
  • Data Quality and Validation: High quality and validated engineering data is key to a collaborative product creation process. Q-Checker, xCompare and CAVA – apps for CATIA – allow establishing company standards, ensuring compliance to industry regulations and verifying the release process.
  • 3D Enterprise: Today innovation results from a virtual experience in a collaborative environment. The entire enterprise instantly participates and benefits. With the Lite3D platform – based on JT – all users easily access complete 3D data.
  • PLM Workplace: Standardized global workplaces provide a maximum of flexibility and control. With myPLM administrators manage user groups, license rights and environments, engineers can work on any task right away – supported by a simple usable start tool.

A partner of the UKIEF since day one, TechniaTranscat take an active role in the exclusive UKIEF networking group. Join them, and many more, to unlock a wealth of experience and opportunities to solve your engineering issues today when you register at

About TechniaTranscat

Formed when the Addnode Group acquired Transcat PLM in July 2015, TechniaTranscat is a leading European supplier of Product Lifecycle Management solutions.  With main offices located in Nordics and Central Europe its customers cross Europe, India and North Americas.

TechniaTranscat help their customers create Intelligent Engineering systems utilising the full feature set of PLM. Register for the forum today and join a growing network of leading UK and European companies developing their Intelligent Engineering systems.

Join the forum

Enhance your Intelligent Engineering systems and processes at the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (UKIEF), 5th April 2017 at the MTC, Conference & Training Centre in Coventry.  More information and the opportunity to join the networking group today can be found at


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