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Webinar: Spot Weld Modelling and Optimization

February 16, 2017

Upcoming Webinar | Thursday 23rd February, 8am (GMT) | Register Now

Spot welds are the dominant connection construct for sheet metals. As a result, different aspects of spot welding are of interest in several industries. Join Dassault Systèmes for this live webinar and learn to address the challenges while simulating spot welds using SIMULIA's portfolio of products.

This webinar will explain:

  • How to represent spot welds in a system level model
  • How to simulate fatigue of spot
  • How to minimize distortion

This webinar will be of interest to engineers in automotive, aerospace and other industries where spot welds are pervasive, and is a must-attend for durability analysts working with sheet metal, manufacturing engineers concerned with spot weld distortions and sequencing, engineers concerned with process optimization

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About the Presenter: Malik Kayupov, SIMULIA Senior Expert Solution Consultant

Dr. Kayupov is a leading expert in the area of design exploration across a broad spectrum of industry. In SIMILIA, he provides Isight pre- and post-sales technical support, basic to advanced software training for individuals and groups, and software testing; writing of new software requirement specifications; manages consulting services contracts, custom component development, and multidisciplinary optimization applications. Dr. Kayupov earned his M.S. in the Mechanical Engineering at the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology. He published a book on optimization, 100+ research papers, and got 19 certified inventions.

About the Presenter: Jaehwan Choi, SIMULIA Expert Solution Consultant

Jaehwan has a PhD in ‘Monte-Carlo Simulation to Extract Statistical Mechanical Property of MEMS Component’ from the Ohio State University. He joined Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA in 2004. His major interest is material modeling, especially rubber and plastic, and the fatigue assessment of rubber and metal parts. Before joining SIMULIA, he spent 11 years at Hyundai Motor Company in Korea as a strength and durability CAE analyst.

About the Presenter: Fernando Cordisco, SIMULIA Solution Consultant

Fernando Cordisco joined SIMULIA as a Solution Consultant in 2014. His main interest lies in enabling customers on FE modeling and analysis through technical support, training, and consulting activities. Fernando has 10+ years’ experience with FEA, and graduated from Purdue University with a PhD on Mechanics of Materials. Prior to this, he worked as an R&D Engineer in the Aerospace Industry on the design of satellite equipment for space agencies.