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New Releases of Abaqus, fe-safe, Isight & Tosca

November 29, 2016

The latest releases of Abaqus, Isight, Tosca and fe-safe are now available! Register for the upcoming LIVE webinars to learn about the latest technical capabilities in these powerful simulation and durability solutions, all of which are accessible using SIMULIA Extended Token licensing. Select the live broadcast below that you would like to join. And don't forget to look out for information about Simpack 2017 coming soon.

New Release of Abaqus & fe-safe
Thursday 8th December, 6.00pm - 7.30pm GMT

 SIMULIA Abaqus 2017 ReleaseAbaqus 2017 offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications. The latest version delivers breakthrough capabilities and enhancements:

  • Enhanced Contact and Constraints
  • XFEM Contact Improvements for Abaqus/Standard
  • Advances in LCP (Linear Complimentary Problem) Equation Solver for Abaqus/Standard
  • And more…!

SIMULIA fe-safe 2017 Releasefe-safe 2017 provides accurate, comprehensive and fast durability solutions. Typical application areas include the analysis of machined, forged and cast components in steel, aluminum and cast iron, high temperature components, seam and spot welded fabrications, press-formed parts, structurally dynamic applications and components made of rubber.

  • Weld Fatigue Enhancements
  • Vibration Fatigue Improvements
  • Enhancements for Abaqus Users
  • And more…!

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New Release of Isight & Tosca
Friday 9th December, 6.00pm - 7.00pm GMT

SIMULIA Isight 2017 ReleaseIsight 2017 provides simulation process automation and design optimization solutions that enable users to reduce analysis time and costs while improving product performance, quality and reliability. When used in conjunction with the SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE), Isight customers can build a web-based framework for distributing the execution of simulation processes across the enterprise to optimize computing resource and to enable collaboration among geographically distributed users.

For Isight, the release further enhances certain components connecting to 3rd party tools and installation procedure. For the SIMULIA Execution Engine, this release enhances infrastructure providing better control over execution of complex processes.

  • Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE)
  • Improved robustness and performance of TomEE
  • Component Enhancements
  • Abaqus component upgrade
  • Automated export of Runtime Gateway pictures
  • And more…!

SIMULIA Tosca 2017 ReleaseTosca 2017 provides fast and powerful structural and flow optimization solutions based on FEA and CFD simulations. The Tosca optimization suite consists of two products: Tosca Structure for optimized structural designs, and Tosca Fluid for optimized fluid flow design concepts.

  • Improved fe-safe integration
  • New Tosca Python driver integrates Abaqus and Tosca together, offering up to 75% faster runtime performance
  • New custom interpolation schemes
  • And more…

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