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What's New in the SIMULIA 2016 Product Releases?

January 18, 2016

Start 2016 with the most powerful and complete technology and solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering simulation with the latest product updates from the SIMULIA portfolio release.

The latest releases (available since November 2015) include extended packaging enabling us to offer leading-edge technology at the best value available in the marketplace today. With extended packaging, users enjoy access to a broad cross-section of products - both interactive and solvers - from a single license pool. In addition, all versions of portfolio products will now follow a year-based naming convention to provide consistency.

What's New in Abaqus 2016?

  • SIMULIA 2016 Product Release: Abaqus 2016Enhanced Contact including advances in Abaqus/Standard general contact, linearised contact, updated contact output for Abaqus/Explicit and CAD-enhanced contact (supporting 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation)
  • Enhanced materials and elements including many new features such as an expanded element library, rigid body rotation of tied solid surfaces and material modelling enhancements
  • Enhanced interface and usability features including improved viewport control

View the What's New in Abaqus 2016 Webinar on the SIMULIA Learning Community now


What's New in Isight 2016?

  • SIMULIA 2016 Product Release: Isight 2016Updated SIMULIA Execution Engine (SEE) including Oracle middleware combination support
  • Component enhancements featuring an Abaqus component upgrade, an ANSYS Workbench component upgrade and other component upgrades to support newer releases of software
  • Installation enhancements to support TUI and silent modes of installation for Isight standalone

View the What's New in Isight 2016 Webinar on the SIMULIA Learning Community now


What's New in Tosca Structure and Tosca Fluid 2016?

Tosca Structure:

  • SIMULIA 2016 Product Release: Tosca 2016Tosca Structure.sizing now supports NVH-responses, enabling users to address common use scenarios in the automotive industry
  • Tosca Structure.sizing now supports circular beams enabling 3D printing of optimised lattice structures
  • New algorithm for casting manufacturing constraint for Tosca Structure Topology, enabling users to achieve castable designs where the old algorithm failed

Tosca Fluid:

  • Improved interfaces for Star CCM+ and Ansys Fluent tools
  • New port for Windows operating systems, enabling users to run Tosca Fluid natively on Windows
  • Improved optimality criteria
  • New additional monitors for presenting objective functions of backflows to allow users to track progress of optimisations involving backflows

View the What's New in Tosca 2016 Webinar on the SIMULIA Learning Community now


What's New in fe-safe 2016?

  • SIMULIA 2016 Product Release: fe-safe 2016New fatigue analysis algorithm to comply with FKM Guidelines
  • Redesigned extension component for ANSYS Workbench
  • Automated weld analysis in Verity in fe-safe expanded to shell element models
  • Enhanced project management functionality for improved usability
  • New Manson-McKnight Octahedral fatigue algorithm

View the What's New in fe-safe 2016 Webinar on the SIMULIA Learning Community now


Benefits of Extended Packaging

  • Unified access to all solution technologies within the portfolio
  • Increased efficiency in utilisation of the single token pools (compared to different token pools for each individual product line)
  • Single purchase process for the entire portfolio
  • Increased value from a user's simulation investment through immediate access to the technology in the entire portfolio

For more information on Extended Packaging or on the 2016 release, please contact us today.