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Simulation Driven Additive Manufacturing

December 16, 2016

Industrial scale Additive Manufacturing (AM) is growing more rapidly than ever before and has the potential to revolutionize the way we design and make products, but there are significant hurdles to its widespread adoption.  So, the main question to ask ourselves is, “How can simulation help get reliability back into AM designs? And can we design parts so they print right the first time?”

There are a number of key areas where simulation can play an important role in 3D printing such as:

  • Generating a functional design
  • Generating lattice structures
  • Calibrating the material
  • Otimizing the manufacturing process
  • In-service performance

The following presentation and demonstration from Dr Auday Al-Rawe, Intrinsys Ltd was presented at the SCI Annual Event 2016. “3D Printing – the future of design and manufacture” describes the end-to-end simulation-driven solution that Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA have developed for addressing the key challenges that industries face.

For more information on the future of Simulation in Additive Manufacturing or to discuss this topic further with Auday Alrawe, feel free to get in touch

Watch the Presentation Online