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Roger Duckworth to Present the User's Experience of Intelligent Engineering at the UKIEF

March 21, 2016

Intrinsys is delighted to announce that Roger Duckworth will present the user’s experience of Intelligent Engineering at the UKIEF in June.

Roger Duckworth is the Technical Director at Integral Powertrain, a leading independent powertrain Consulting Services Company.

From inception in 1998 Integral Powertrain have exploited the latest software technologies in order to gain competitive advantage. In-line with the theme of the event Integral Powertrain have used software tools to improve their engineering capability through the development of automated design processes and enterprise wide sharing of intellectual property across the company. Integral Powertrain believe it is essential to capture and exploit skills, know-how and experience within the business to deliver successful programmes and create innovative products.

From leading internal combustion engine consultancy, Integral Powertrain now lead the world with their electric motor technologies. Roger will present the customer business’ perspective of being an Intelligent Engineering company.

Further details can be found online at Register today as places are limited.

Roger Duckworth, Technical Director, Integral Powertrain (IP)

Roger Duckworth

It was not surprising that Roger pursued a career in powertrain consulting as his father was the founder of Cosworth. It was at Cosworth that Roger found the early environment to ‘learn the trade’ and develop advanced technologies and processes. In 1998 Roger left Cosworth, with three colleagues, to start their own powertrain consulting business, Integral Powertrain. Aiming to go beyond the very high standards expected within the industry, the new team enlisted the latest technologies to support engineering processes and client collaboration to deliver services that outperformed the competition.

Combining innovation and engineering best practice has always been Integral Powertrain’s policy and it will continue to be so. Today IP is made up of experienced engineers working in dynamic project teams, among its many accomplishments is the development of high performance electric motor technologies that lead the world. Integral Powertrain’s clients include some of the most prestigious OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the world who put their trust in Integral Powertrain to meet their demanding performance targets.