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Review of Design Issues Specific to Hypersonic Flight Vehicles

July 11, 2016

Intrinsys are proud to announce that Senior Engineer David Sziroczak has been awarded a PhD and published a scientific paper in Progress in Aerospace Sciences Journal.

The paper provides an overview of the current technical issues and challenges associated with the design of hypersonic vehicles. Two distinct classes of vehicles are reviewed; Hypersonic Transports and Space Launchers, their common features and differences are examined. After a brief historical overview, the paper takes a multi-disciplinary approach to these vehicles, discusses various design aspects, and technical challenges. Operational issues are explored, including mission profiles, current and predicted markets, in addition to environmental effects and human factors. Technological issues are also reviewed, focusing on the three major challenge areas associated with these vehicles: aerothermodynamics, propulsion, and structures. In addition, matters of reliability and maintainability are also presented. The paper also reviews the certification and flight testing of these vehicles from a global perspective. Finally the current stakeholders in the field of hypersonic flight are presented, summarizing the active programs and promising concepts.

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A review of design issues specific to hypersonic flight vehicles, D. Sziroczak, H. Smith

Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Revised 4 April 2016, Accepted 6 April 2016, Available online 13 April 2016

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