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Intrinsys Expand the Team with a New Chief Engineer

February 8, 2016

Alan Cherrington has joined Intrinsys taking up the position of Chief Engineer in Design and Analysis.

Alan joins the management team at Intrinsys to further develop the engineering services business following several years of steady growth.

Bringing with him a wealth of engineering experience, Alan started his engineering career at British Aerospace with practical apprenticeships covering machining and design, leading to a design engineering role in R&D. He then joined the automotive motorsport industry taking on senior design & development and team leadership roles at Cosworth Racing and Mercedes-Benz HPE.

Before he joined Intrinsys, Alan had spent several years at Mercedes-Benz AMG High Performance Powertrains, as it is now known. During his time there he held management and Chief Engineer positions across various programs. He was responsible for engine performance and reliability as well as all aspects of the V8 program during 2011 – 2013 (including the development of the first KERS system in 2007- 2009). He went on to lead the team responsible for Mechatronics, encompassing electric motor, power electronics and associated cooling system designs during 2015.

Alan is tasked with developing Intrinsys’ Design, Analysis & Tooling services which it delivers to leading UK and International clients. “It’s my challenge to grow the team both in numbers and in capability,” comments Alan. “They have an impressive record of success with our clients and the skills, experience and team spirit within the group are as good as I have come across. I’m determined to work with each engineer to encourage and support them to reach their full potential and hopefully we’ll have some fun on the journey.”