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Upcoming Webinar: Multibody Simulation Overview

November 9, 2016

Upcoming Webinar | Thursday 17th November, 4pm (GMT) | Register Now

Increased global competition is forcing manufacturers to create high-quality products in a timely and efficient manner. To meet these needs, manufacturers are replacing many tasks once done exclusively through hardware testing with simulation tools such as Multibody Simulation (MBS).

Simpack is a general purpose Multibody Simulation (MBS) software used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimize systems, vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, reduce time-to-market and improve product quality and lifespan.

This webinar provides an introduction to Multibody Simulation (MBS), showing technology, applications and value. The following questions will be answered:

  • Where, how and why MBS is used within the design process?
  • Why MBS is essential for load prediction?

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