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Introduction to Multibody Simulation and Simpack

March 22, 2016

Tuesday 19th April 2016 | Dassault Systèmes UK | Coventry, CV4 7HP | Register Now

Simpack is a leading Multibody Simulation tool used to aid engineers in the analysis and design of mechanical and mechatronic systems. The Simpack product suite is now part of the SIMULIA brand offering.

This seminar will outline how Simpack is used to help engineers fully comprehend and optimise systems. Benefits of this approach include:

  • A vast reduction in the need for physical prototyping
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved product quality and lifespan

Industrial examples will be used to show the range of studies that can be carried out using Simpack and to illustrate the technical and commercial benefits of conducting Multibody dynamic simulation.

Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle Engineering group will also present how they benefit from utilising Simpack in their virtual vehicle prototyping process.

Simpack Highlights:

Recognised as the best in class Multibody Simulation solver and content for:

  • Simulation and Virtual Testing
  • Extreme Non-Linear System Behaviour
  • Analysis up into the acoustic range
  • Stress, Strain and Durability
  • Expert and Deployment Mode
  • Real-Time Enabled

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