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Upcoming Webinar: Introduction to Linear Dynamics

January 22, 2016

This webinar is now closed. You can view the webinar recording here.

A static Finite Element Analysis is sufficient if you are only interested in the long-term response of a structure to applied loads. However, if the duration of the applied load is short - such as in an earthquake - or if the loading is dynamic in nature - such as that from rotating machinery - you need to perform a dynamic analysis.

In this webinar we will present the linear dynamic analysis process in Abaqus/Standard. You will learn:

  • What options are available for linear dynamic analysis in Abaqus
  • How to build an effective finite element model for linear dynamic analysis utilising the built-in feature set available in Abaqus Standard and Abaqus CAE
  • The limits of the available methods and how to choose which is applicable to your application. What data is required to produce a useful analysis
  • Analysis solutions discussed will include, natural frequency extraction (modal analysis,) and steady state dynamics (frequency response.)

This webinar is intended for finite element analysis beginners wanting to learn how to effectively use the capability of Abaqus for linear dynamic analysis; and for engineering managers who wish to understand how dynamic analysis in Abaqus may improve the understanding of their products and improve their design processes.

About the Presenter: Ben Cudjoe, Principal Analyst at Intrinsys

With over 23 year of experience in the field of analysis, Ben has worked on a number of major projects with critical deliverables, including analysis of the wing to fuselage connection of the Airbus A320.

As a principal analyst, Ben has experience and in-depth knowledge of a range of FEA software products with specialist knowledge of the SIMULIA Abaqus. Ben has developed methodologies for a number of customers including his work for insurance companies, where he is required to carry out analysis to support insurance claims. Ben is regularly involved in software demonstrations, seminars and training.