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Upcoming Webinar: Introduction to Contact Analysis

July 11, 2016

This webinar is now closed. You can view the recording here.

Almost every real-world engineering application relies on connecting parts in one form or another. Thus it is imperative that today’s analysts are ready to use the tools available to not just accurately, but also efficiently to simulate contact problems.

This webinar gives an introduction into the various methods available to simulate contact life using Abaqus. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Contact formulations and settings
  • Where do we use constraints and where contacts?
  • Setting up advanced contact problems

This webinar is an essential guide for beginners to understand the capabilities of Abaqus when solving models involving contact. More senior colleagues should also attend either as a refresher, or to discover alternative methods to increase the efficiency of their analysis work.

About the Presenter: Alejandro Arango, Designer and Analyst at Intrinsys

Upon completion of his MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University, Alejandro joined the Intrinsys team. With a logical approach to design, analysis and problem solving and with a keen focus on the application and methodology of the software, Alejandro now finds himself working in a role where he is involved with using the software as part of his everyday tool-set either working on engineering projects or supporting & training customers using the software.