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Upcoming Webinar: Mold Your Plastics Better, Faster, Cheaper

July 8, 2015

Wednesday 22nd July 2015 | 2.00pm (BST) | Register Now

Plastics form a crucial part of today’s products. They are increasingly complex, both in shape and production, as well as the speed with which they are brought to market. Simplifying the design and manufacturing of plastics is therefore a critical part of many industries’ product creation. 

Simpoe-Mold, the injection molding simulation technology for plastics, helps users working for leading part designers, producers, and mold makers to optimise the injection molding cycle and to design the most effective cost model for their parts. 

Attend this one hour live webinar and gain invaluable insights on the features and functionality of Simpoe-Mold. This webinar will help answer important questions about Simpoe-Mold;

  • WHY? Simpoe-Mold is a necessary tool for product development
  • WHAT? Simpoe-Mold is an injection molding simulation software
  • HOW? How Simpoe-Mold is used and how can it help the process
  • WHO? Who are the potential users and what are the possible ROI calculations

About the Presenter: Duane Sawyer, Senior Technical Specialist, SIMULIA User Experience

Duane has had a career rich with experience in product development from concept to manufacturing. He has spent the past 30 years in the plastics industry involved in product design, mold design and production related positions. Having worked for custom and captive plastic injection molders he has experience in a variety of industries including automotive, packaging, industrial conveyors and consumer products. Duane began working with Simpoe in 2012 but was already familiar with the product having been one of the first in North America to purchase it. He says that this software represents his whole career in one package. Duane has long advocated for utilizing technology to enhance his talent as a creative engineer and has received many patents for his ideas.