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Upcoming Webinar: Modelling Blast in Abaqus

November 30, 2015

Upcoming Webinar | Tuesday 15th December, 2pm (GMT) | Register Now

Abaqus offers a wide range of analysis capabilities, from simple components to complicated multiphysics problems. Among these procedures, there are options to model shock and blast type problems. While often regarded as very complex, these procedures can be surprisingly simple to setup and analyse using the various tools available in Abaqus.

This webinar is intended to provide an introduction to the various options available in Abaqus to model the propagation and effects of shockwaves and blast in your analysis. Modelling highly dynamic events, such as blasts, can be challenging, and for successful simulations, the user must be aware of the different methods available, their strengths and limitations. By joining this webinar you will gain an overview of:

  • The various options to represent vibration and shock
  • Built-in functions to model blast
  • The applicability and limits for these procedures

This webinar is intended for analysts who wish to learn about the more advanced features available in Abaqus, and also for engineering managers, who are looking into expanding their simulation capabilities.

About the Presenter: David Sziroczak, Senior Engineer at Intrinsys

David is extensively utilised to develop new processes for the wider application of FEA and is most happy when looking into challenging applications where he can push the software to its limits. Amongst a varied project workload, including presenting at various industry conference events on subjects like the "Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Four Bar Linkage using Multi-Body Dynamics", David has worked on a project to help a customer develop a new technique to model heat transfer within rare earth magnets. David is currently working towards his PhD at Cranfield University, where Intrinsys have strong academic links, sponsor students and provide research projects.