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Troubleshooting: Obtaining system information


System information can be useful for the Intrinsys support team as it enables us to quickly support our customers. The majority of issues may be due to incompatible hardware and/or software. Many people struggle to obtain the required technical information requested. Here at Intrinsys, we hope to make things easier for our customers.

How to obtain your system information for Intrinsys

  1. Download the System information extraction tool 
  2. Browse to the directory where the extraction tool has been downloaded.
  3. Right click on the .zip fole and select Extract All


  4. Place the files on the user's desktop and select Show extracted filed when complete before selecting Extract


  5. The extracted folder will contain three files. Please open Intrinsys_Info.cms


  6. Please wait for the following to complete 


  7. This will have generated a new folder called Intrinsys_Support on the local desktop. Within this folder there will be 4 generated files; DSLS-ID.txt, LUM-TarhetID.txt, MAC.txt & msinfo32.nfo


  8. Please send Intrinsys support the contents of this folder (the four files generated from step 7).