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Configuring DSLS Client

This guide will explain how to configure a Client machine to consume a licence from a DS License Server.

1) Ensure a Dassault Systèmes product is installed (e.g CATIA V5)

2) Browse to C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\Licenses

NOTE: If the “Licenses” folder does not exist, browse to C:\ProgramData\DassaultSystemes\ and create a NEW FOLDER called “Licenses”.



3) Inside the Licenses folder, open DSLicSrv.txt

NOTE: If the “DSLicSrv.txt” text file does not exist, create a TEXT DOCUMENT called “DSLicSrv”.



4) In the text file “DSLicSrv”, enter the required information in the following format:


NOTE: The ServerName should be entered exactly as it is named. The licensing port by default is 4085, please use 4085 (Unless this was changed during installation). E.g. If the License server is called “server_1” the text file should have a line “server_1:4085”. If there is an additional server, e.g. server_2, simply enter it in the next line. 


5) Save the text file and proceed to open your DS Application


Cannot connect to the license server?

A. Is Window’s firewall off on both the client and server?

B. Can you ping the server? 

C. Have you got the latest DSLS?

D. Is the spelling of the server name and/or port number correct?

If you have checked these items and are still experiencing issues, please contact Intrinsys at