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Creating a Complete Install Folder from Part Downloads of Dassault Systèmes Products

In order to make downloading Dassault Systèmes software easier, often downloads are split into multiple parts. However, in this form it cannot be installed! It is equally as important to never attempt an installation of Dassault Systèmes products from a compressed file (.zip, .7z, .rar, etc) as the installation will generally fail. The process is typically as follows:

  1. Download Media
  2. Extract downloaded file(s)
  3. Combine each extracted folder to create one global installation directory if applicable.

Watch the video below or follow the steps below in order to ensure the downloaded content is correctly extracted in preparation for installation.

  1. Download media from your media order or from NOTE: A Dassault Systèmes Passport account is required and Intrinsys must authorize a valid email account for media download.

    3DEXPERIENCE login

  2. Select the media to be downloaded whether its 3DEXPERIENCE, V5, SIMULIA, etc. NOTE: you may not have access to download all available media on the Dassault Systèmes website.

    DS Software

  3. If the download of the media is split into multiple parts, remember to download all parts. Please ensure the Operating System (OS) of the downloaded media is correct. NOTE: Filters on the right side of the page can be used.

    Folder lists

  4. Once the media is downloaded, the multiple parts can be found in compressed file(s).

    Folder lists

  5. Extract each folder.

    Extract folders

  6. Combine the contents of each folder. Remember to allow windows to merge the folders. NOTE: The easiest way to merge folders may be to copy and paste the folders into a common location.

  7. The result is a single global installation directory.

    Folder lists

  8. Proceed to find setup.exe and continute with the installation.

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