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Analysis Services: Flow (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

A key area of simulation and analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics includes the elements of thermal simulation and analysis. Gases and liquids form a key area of study within new product development whether they are a key component of the product or make up the operational environment.

As an engineering services provider working across industries, Intrinsys provides expert CFD services sensitive to your specific application. Understanding flow dynamics, liquid and gas properties in a dynamic environment is the key to designing effective components and assemblies with cooling or heating scenarios.

The operational impact of fluid and gas movement on structural items such as buildings (laminar, turbulent, and transitional flows), ships and aircraft both in a static and dynamic environment is used to confirm expected performance.

Typical application of Intrinsys’ CFD services include:

  • Liquid and gas flow heat transfer
  • Laminar, turbulent, and transitional flows
  • Time-dependent flow
  • Gas mixture, liquid mixture
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Heat transfer in solids
  • Incompressible and compressible flow
  • Compressible gases