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Simulation & Analysis Services

Intrinsys consider simulation and analysis to be as integral to their engineering as product design and development. As a result we provide services that deliver the value to our customers that we would expect to deliver within our own engineering business.

Intrinsys have been delivering simulation and analysis services that solve their customer’s critical engineering problems and deliver competitive advantage for many years. As a leading reseller of world class software we use daily, Intrinsys enjoy the unique benefit of the close links that we have with the product developers that are reflected in the high quality of the results we produce for our customers. 


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We have expertise in...

Engineering Simulation Services: Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

Delivering ‘Flexible Resource’ of defined capability, to match your structural analysis requirements.

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Engineering Simulation Services: Fatigue & Vibration Analysis

Vibration & Fatigue Analysis

Understand a component’s assembly or system’s response to vibrations across the spectrum.

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Engineering Simulation Services: Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Understand how design intent is affected by heating or cooling within the manufacturing process.

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Engineering Simulation Services: Composite Analysis

Composite Analysis

The composite component promise of superior strength and minimal weight has made the material a very popular choice.

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Engineering Simulation Services: Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Intrinsys can help you fine tune component and assembly design to optimise lifetime performance.

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Engineering Simulation Services: Flow (CFD) Analysis

Flow (CFD) Analysis

Working across various industries, Intrinsys provides expert CFD services sensitive to your specific application.

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What can we do for you?


Engineering academics of the highest calibre, our delivery team are amongst the best in the industry with a wide experience of the technologies and materials used across the engineering community.


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Why Choose Intrinsys?

Intrinsys support Dassault Systèmes conclusion that creating a lifelike virtual product that can be simulated for usability, durability and consumer experience is the route to optimised and innovative product development, resulting in long term commercial success. By creating services which deliver a cocktail of advanced software, expert users and extensive industrial experience, Intrinsys have created a strong engineering services provision to perfectly compliment your own engineering teams, irrespective of the industry you work in. 

We rate our service provision highly, however we believe that we are only successful if our customers succeed. If this means that commercially it would be better for you to develop your own internal capability we are more than happy to work with you every step of the way, using our services to support you with your product selection, implementation, training and user support services.