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Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

Intrinsys recognise the value of Intellectual Property and are committed to developing automated design, analysis & simulation tools for use within its own engineering business.

Intrinsys can help you capture and re-use the skills and knowledge held within your business to create automated systems which join up the design and analysis to speed up the cycle time for generation and iteration of viable concepts. This is a critical advantage in the usually small period of time when fundamental decisions are made on new products or major upgrades.

AID embeds knowledge on detailed design features and tolerances and focuses improvement strategy by highlighting rules that cost performance or money.

At the heart of this approach are sophisticated parametric models that allow extreme flexibility of form within an adaptable ‘tree’ structure. The thousands of parameters are then linked by design rules so that ultimately the designer only inputs high level features. 

The model is then ‘ported’ into classical and FEA tools that provide feedback against target performance characteristics. 

The cycle time is typically minutes allowing a design team to interactively explore options and get with high confidence to an aggressive, optimised solution.