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Engineering Design Services

The Engineering Design team at Intrinsys strive to offer services that are tailored and refined to help our clients deliver their projects, offering innovation balanced with robust engineering practice in order to give our clients the best possible service.

Every project presents a unique set of challenges requiring a combination of creativity, robust engineering definition and project management in order to ensure a component or assembly will function correctly throughout its entire design life, under all specified conditions and can be manufactured cost effectively.


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We have expertise in...

Engineering Design Services: Research


Research must be at the heart of any company if they want to offer forward looking solutions.

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Engineering Design Services: CAD Design

CAD Design

3D CAD is the backbone of the engineering design process; enabling the creation of design concepts.

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Engineering Design Services: Detail Design

Detail Design

Once a concept layout has been defined, the most important stage is the development of the detail design.

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Engineering Design Services: Cost Down

Cost Down

Identifying if the cost of a component can be reduced without adversely affecting its function.

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Engineering Design Services: Component Testing

Component Testing

Testing can be required to evaluate alternative design solutions or carry out robustness studies.

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Engineering Design Services: Reliability


Through many years of experience, Intrinsys have developed techniques and processes that ensure robustness is an integral part of its designs.

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Engineering Design Services: Materials & Processes

Materials & Processes

Material & manufacturing process are instrumental in determining how a design will perform.

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Engineering Design Services: Electronics & Software

Electronics & Software

Intrinsys boasts a fully integrated electronics team offering a range of bespoke electronic development services.

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Engineering Design Services: Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

Intrinsys can help you capture and re-use the skills and knowledge held within your business.

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Engineering Design Services: Supplier Selection

Supplier Selection

Intrinsys have developed a comprehensive network of proven and trusted suppliers with first-hand experience.

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Engineering Design Services: Prototype Supply

Prototype Supply

Intrinsys can offer a range of rapid prototyping processes through its strong links with a list of approved bureaus.

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What can we do for you?


With core expertise in automotive passenger cars, commercial and defence vehicles, aerospace products and marine applications, the projects Intrinsys carry out range from minor component upgrades to full turn-key programmes.


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Why Choose Intrinsys?

Formed 17 years ago, Intrinsys considers itself a young company and fields a team of highly educated and skilled engineers, many with over 20+ years of engineering expertise.  The company values individual innovation, encourages personal responsibility and expects all its engineers to deliver a service that is seen as an extension of its customer’s internal team.

With advanced design capability in both mechanical and electrical engineering, complimented with comprehensive analysis and simulation skills, Intrinsys deliver fully simulated product designs and manufacturing processes.