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Tooling Design

Tooling design is an integral part of today’s manufacturing; get it wrong and quality, production rates and the company reputation suffer.


The first point of designing any tooling is to understand what you are making and the intended method of manufacture.  This has a major effect on the selection of tolerances, surface finish and selected datum system.
Wherever possible a components datum system should be replicated within the fixture design in order to ensure quality and repeatability is maintained.  When holding the component in any fixture it is important to ensure that the method of clamping satisfies the requirement to hold the component against the datum without introducing any distortion.


Knowing your production rate has a dramatic impact on the way you approach tooling design and to what level, automation is viable.  Intrinsys have experience of helping customers increase production throughput by evaluating various alternatives; increased machining rates, multi pallet machining, breakdown of machining operations, etc.
Intrinsys have a wealth of experience across a wide range of production processes, from the low to medium volume processes applicable to the aerospace industry, where semi-automatic tooling is often suitable.  At the other end of the scale is the high volume manufacturing processes of the automotive industry where increased levels of automation are suitable such as, auto part feeding and clamping systems with proximity sensor to evaluate correct position and optical sensing to manage tool wear.

At Intrinsys

Intrinsys have developed tooling skills whilst working with a number of the most respected company’s in their industries.  Whether automotive, aerospace, marine or industrial equipment, experience of a variety of materials including hi-tech composites and the latest manufacturing processes can be used to address project requirements.  Applying a wide the range of approaches and processes to solve a problem is the key and Intrinsys experience includes press tooling, sand mould tooling, drill jigs, CNC fixtures as well as final assembly jigs.  
Whilst tooling design is a well established part of the UK supplier infrastructure, it is a developing environment in South Africa where Intrinsys deliver experience and resources.  Intrinsys fully support the works of the TASA (The Tooling Association of South Africa) in building a strong tooling industry to support the OEM’s who manufacture their prestige products in South Africa supplying local and global markets.

If you would like to learn more how Intrinsys can support your company please do not hesitate to contact us