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Components & Tooling: Press Tooling

Intrinsys offer an identical service to Mould Tooling with the exception of the specialist knowledge and experience of working within the Press Tooling environment. 

Producing quality press tools requires detailed knowledge of the pressing process, including how to create functional, accurate presses that deliver the end users requirement for accuracy and tool life. 

The pressing process itself creates its own issues; safely and accurately loading blank material, consistently pressing to produce components that meet the operational design intent and the safe removal of the pressed product and disposal of waste.

Simulation & Analysis processes work hand in hand with the design process to ensure the pressing process is successful and that the final pressed product meets end user requirements. 

Conceptual Ideas
Intrinsys offer a high level of advice, full component design and support at all stages to customers with little or no press tool experience and with only a sketch or concept. This can help develop a product design and make the manufacturing process as cost efficient as possible.

Provisionally Designed Parts
We support those who have produced a 3D CAD Model or have had one produced on their behalf but require assistance in ensuring the part is suitable for the pressing process. This can encompass changes to the design to make features more cost effective to produce, advice on tooling, and whether the part would be best suited to single row, mirrored dual cavity, mechanical or hydraulic pressing, hand transfer to fully automated transfer of the part to achieve optimum component price and manufacturing time.

Fully Designed Parts
Many of our customers are experienced press tool designers but we will still offer advice as required and challenge any areas where we believe savings may be possible.

Press Tool Design Re-Engineering
Many of our customers have tools which they do not have the original designs for, as the tool is ending its life and tolerances cannot be kept on a part any more, they are looking to replace the tool. Intrinsys can offer a full service to re-design the tool, by either using the current tool as a basis, or by using a good component from the tool, even without 3D CAD data. 

Press Tool Design Modification
We offer a full comprehensive tool design modification service, which we can perform from a full tool or 3D CAD model, tools can be modified from any of the most common 3D file types.

We Specialise In...
Single and Multi-cavity full Progression, Single and Multi Cavity Hand transfer for deep drawn parts.