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Components & Tooling: Mould Tooling

Typically the majority of tool design process is carried out using compatible variants of CATIA V5/V6 and the advanced mould manufacturing module to automate and standardise the bolster and mould base components, offering industry best practice if required. 

Intrinsys provide a comprehensive service from offering an expert or specialist partner to supporting the engagement and winning of new business, through to activities associated with service and maintenance. Our use of the very latest PLM engineering software enables us to offer a service that can replicate the entire design, test and operation of mould in a life-like virtual 3D environment so that issues can be illuminated before the costly production of a physical mould begins. 

Engagement support
Typically this can include: End customer meeting support, tender (ITT, RFI) response, standards compliance, project definition & management, production of documentation and management presentations.

Project and Programme Management
We utilise the de facto standard major project management methodology Prince 2 for larger projects and work to its principles for smaller projects that do not require such detailed hands-on management. 

Conceptual Design
Conceptual designs can be created and shared, taking full advantage of the 3D capabilities of the products we use to create formats to suit your preferences, following a number of typical moulding processes and materials (e.g. Plastic, Rubber, Silicon, Die Cast, Glass, and Wax).

Detailed Design
Our knowledge of the moulding process, material properties and manufacturing help us to support or create designs for mould and periphery process engagement. Optimisation is enhanced when the design process is conducted with the support of our simulation & analysis services.

This service is also available to develop existing tools and to recreate old tools brought back into use that may have been created before the current software tool set was introduced.

Simulation and Analysis
Simulation and analysis of the mould, its operational performance including the moulded component, material flow in the mould, effects of heat, cooling and removal. 

In addition, opportunities to reduce tool production costs, cost of use and maximise tool life will be incorporated as they present themselves during the design and analysis stages. 

We can offer this capability as prime contractor working with a select group of trusted partners.