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Components & Tooling: Cast Tooling

Producing quality casting tools requires detailed knowledge of the variety of casting processes (Pattern Design, Sand Casting, Gravity Die, High Pressure Die Casting and Investment Casting), how to create functional, and accurate tooling that delivers the end users requirement for accuracy and minimises the down line production hardening, and machining, drilling and finishing processes. 

The casting process itself creates its own issues; pattern design and removal prior to casting, safely and successfully filling the mould and the safe removal of the cast product and recycle of mould material depending on process used.

Simulation & Analysis processes work hand in hand with the design process to ensure the casting process is successful and that the final cast part meets end user requirements simulating material flow around the mould and allowing for material shrinkage during cooling. 

The advent of 3D printed patterns, using paper for example, as the print material offer some unique opportunities to industries that utilise the casting process.  Intrinsys is well placed to take advantage of these new developments.