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Components & Tooling Services

Intrinsys have an intimate understanding of component development and the associated tooling through experiences within their own successful engineering business. With a diverse international customer base, Intrinsys typically though not exhaustively support Mould Tooling, Press Tooling, Cast Tooling, CNC Machining, Jigs & Fixtures, Testing and Inspection. 


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We have expertise in...

Intrinsys Mould Tooling Services

Mould Tooling

Supporting the engagement of new business, through to activities associated with service and maintenance.

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Intrinsys Press Tooling Services

Press Tooling

Intrinsys have specialist knowledge and experience working within the Press Tooling environment

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Intrinsys Cast Tooling Services

Cast Tooling

Producing quality casting tools requires detailed knowledge of the variety of casting processes.

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Intrinsys CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining

Intrinsys offer a service where our clients use our CNC engineers to generate NC programmes for 3-5 axis machines.

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Intrinsys Jigs & Fixtures Services

Jigs & Fixtures

Used extensively within the development and manufacturing areas of our own engineering business.

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Intrinsys Testing & Inspection Services

Testing & Inspection

To create test, jigs and fixtures that confirm predicted operational performance throughout the expected life of the product.

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What can we do for you?


From initial concept design, detailed design, analysis and simulation, development and manufacture, Intrinsys’ services can be engaged as a part project or complete programme of work.


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Why Choose Intrinsys?

As the enabling software environment improves with the ability of suppliers to collaborate interactively with OEM design, Intrinsys are ideally placed to provide value based services that help win business for suppliers and improve their profitability and long term customer retention.

Up-to-date with the latest software and best practice processes, Intrinsys are able to own a project or supply experienced engineering resources, with the option of ‘Flex Resource’ Intrinsys can deliver services within a defined PLM environment for repeatable and predictable services delivery.