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Case Study: 2K Manufacturing

"Our mission is to bring cutting-edge engineering to bear in the harmonisation of construction and the environment"
  - 2K mission statement

2K came to Intrinsys with the idea of how to convert recycled plastic into a plywood board substitute. They required the design, development and support of Intrinsys to develop a viable production process that could be scaled up to meet the demands of its customers.

The manufacturing process is unique to 2K and required the design of a bespoke machine to meet their stringent needs. This has now been replicated multiple times with a factory filled with tools to keep up with demand.

Testimonials: 2K Manufacturing Ltd

"Having worked with Intrinsys in the past, we knew that utilising their services on our latest project would provide us with the complete design service that we were looking for."

"Intrinsys completed the mechanical design of our project using 3D modelling to create, develop and release all parts and technical drawings ready for manufacture.  As well as using their engineering competence to design our product, Intrinsys were also willing to share their experience and technical knowledge."

"We found that the engineers at Intrinsys have always been friendly, accessible, and of course highly competent.  We would highly recommend their services to others, and look forward to choosing Intrinsys as a partner again in the future."