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LUM: Extract License from Server Setup

Aim: The aim is to be able to checkout\extract a license from the license server onto the client machine.

Note: This is only for CATIA licenses


1) Copy & Paste the link below into your Internet Browser:


password: download_1234


2) Download and zip it

3) Stop license service (all users will lose licenses currently being used)

Extract License from Server Setup

4) You need to run the i4_offline_mig.exe on the server:

- C:\IFOR\WIN\BIN\i4_offline_mig.exe (Assume this is where it is installed to, verify on your machine too)



5) Start licence server service back up

Extract License from Server Setup

6) On each of the CATIA licenses under "Concurrent" tab > RMB > Authorisations, you should be able to change the settings to All Concurrent Allowed.

Notice Icon has changed... Extract License from Server Setup



 Extract License from Server Setup

7) In CATIA nodelock key management tool, extract the license

Extract License from Server Setup  


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