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About the Authors

AMIT PATEL, Senior Engineer

Amit has an MSc from an accredited course from Cranfield University in Aerospace Vehicle Design, specialising in Aircraft Design. In addition to his post graduate degree Amit has obtained an honours degree from Salford University (BEng Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies). His interest in aerospace and automotive engineering drove him to partake in the ERASMUS programme where he completed a year in industry overseas as a CNC operator and programmer as well as working on designing an electric car for an overseas based consultancy.

Amit is keen to learn new CAD/CAM/CAE practices used in different industries. He has already gained experiences working in both an Aerospace and Automotive environment here at Intrinsys. Amit also has experiences with various manufacturing methods including rapid prototyping technologies. Furthermore his interest in advances in materials has allowed him to work with various composite materials both hands on and through CAE. He is keen to teach clients industry required tools and provides technical training to customers approaching Intrinsys for standard and customised training courses.

As well as engineering, Amit has a keen interest in IT. His previous experience as an assistant administrator of a secondary school allowed him to gain working knowledge of running and maintaining networks on a large scale.

GIULIANO MINUCCI, Application Engineer

Giuliano has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering which he received from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. His lifelong interest in motor racing and the automotive industry is the primary reason for choosing a career in mechanical engineering and during his 4 years at university it fueled his passion and excitement for high-performance engineering and innovative thinking.

Giuliano developed strong design skills as he worked in a close knit team on a high performance internal combustion engine and enjoyed his first taste of a live engineering project as he worked with SP Race Engineering (a leading South African production cars racing series team) performing a number of tests and analysis on the torsional rigidity of a roll cage. Giuliano initially joined the engineering services team at Intrinsys in the UK, accelerating his development and performance over a short time frame. He has since been charged with delivering his newly developed experience and skill back in his home country of South Africa where he joins the current Engineering Services team.

PETER KERMACK, Application Engineer

Peter joined Intrinsys in 2011.  His skills and experience made him an ideal candidate to work with clients deploying V6 and the 3D Experience platform. Having an excellent grounding in CAD management and document management systems (including ENOVIA SmarTeam), Peter ensures that a new PLM system enhances existing business processes and delivers new best practice methodologies to support business development. An able engineer, he is seen by both customers and colleagues as a PLM systems expert available to support initial systems development, deployment and lifelong support.

Peter enjoys the technical challenges of the systems Intrinsys deploy across all industries. Working with leading names within the likes of Automotive and Aerospace, for example, he is always keen to share positive user experiences and develop his skills and enhance the overall customer experience.

BILLY CHAN, Application Engineer

Billy has a BSc(Hons) Degree in Computer Science which he received from the University of Portsmouth. His long standing interest in all things IT is fuelled by their application within a vibrant business environment. Billy is keen to learn new skills and extend his formidable industrial experience which he has plenty of opportunity to do at Intrinsys.

Billy is a good fit for Intrinsys as he has extensive experience of Dassault Systèmes PLM products. He also brings with him exposure to other non-Dassault PLMs which will work well with the variety of customers and projects that Intrinsys undertakes routinely nowadays. He is a hard working individual with a logical approach to analysis and problem solving which he uses to follow tasks through to satisfactory conclusion.


Alejandro gained his MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University, specialising in Aircraft Design. Prior to his MSc, Alejandro completed his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Universidad de San Buenaventura in Bogota, Colombia where together with two other engineers, he designed and built a high speed UAV with hybrid propulsion (electric and rocket powered). During his time at Universidad de San Buenaventura, Alejandro had the opportunity to travel to Cranfield University as a visiting researcher in two occasions, in order to work in projects related to aircraft design. 

Aside from aerospace engineering, Alejandro is very passionate about the automotive and motorsport industry, and through Intrinsys has been able to deepen his knowledge in these areas. Alejandro has also gained a great experience with CAD, FEA and CFD packages by working on different projects within the company.  

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