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DraftSight Critical Hotfix

As of 1st March 2017, DraftSight for Windows32 and 64-bit will not launch or will stop running due to a certificate that has expired for versions released between 2012 and 2017 (including 2017 SPO).

In order for our customers to continue working with DraftSight, a Critical Hotfix has been made available. We advise that you download and install this hotfix as soon as possible. The hotfix will resolve this issue even prior to the date stated.

To download the Critical Hotfix, visit You can also access additional information from this page such as which releases are affected, instructions on how to install the hotfix and more.

Take note that Mac and Linux users are not affected by the expired certificate therefore the installation of this hotfix will not be required.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update (06/03/2017): DraftSight 2017 Service Pack 1 has been made available for download, with the critical hotfix incorporated in it. To download the Service Pack, visit


For further assistance please email or submit a ticket to our Helpdesk and a member of our team will contact to you.

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