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Create a Customised Drawing Border in 3DEXPERIENCE

The standard ‘Out of the box’ Drawing Borders in 3DEXPERIENCE provide a basic solution for adding a frame and title block to a Drawing. The functionality will add a template to the background view and further options are provided to add a revision ladder, assign a checker/designer, as well as resizing and deleting the template. The majority of information on the title block without automated functionality can be edited by accessing the background view.

This solution might be ideal for a small team of users, however for a larger team having a solution that requires mostly user editing can introduce inconsistences, e.g. various date formats, revision sequences, units, and part numbers and so on. As a result many of our customers decide to opt for a customised Drawing Border solution.

 The screenshot below shows a standard ‘Out of the box’ Drawing Border. 

3DEXPERIENCE Drawing Border 1  

To add a standard Drawing Border access the Drafting workbench, go to View Layout and click the Page Layout icon. In the Dress-up section, select a Drawing Titleblock Sample. Now select the Create option and click Apply.

At Intrinsys our development team are able to create custom Drawing Borders for specific customer requirements that will provide a more enhanced and professional solution. Typically this involves designing a custom title block with behind the scenes functionality to retrieve information from linked 3D data for display on the title block, such as: material and finish details, mass and volume, or part properties (including custom attributes).  Sheet re-sizing and re-numbering is handled automatically and functionality can be included to respect user privileges and/or to add watermarks, switchable logos and icons. All this is presented in a single utility with a user interface that facilitates rapid creation and edition of the title block, drawing frame and revision ladder.

 See the below example of a customised Drawing Border solution.

3DEXPERIENCE Drawing Border 2


For more information about discussing a Drawing Border solution or if you have any questions about 3DEXPERIENCE, please leave a comment below or email our helpdesk at

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