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Cannot save CATIA V5 files open in your CATIA session?

DISCLAIMER: Please only use the following method as a work around, it is NOT guaranteed but is a tried and tested method that has worked on occasions. This method should be performed at your own risk.

Ever had an issue where CATIA refuses to save your file(s) that is/are open in your current CATIA session? Does the error below look familiar?


The most probable cause for this error is that the original file opened in session has been deleted from its original location. For example, in the above case:

1. The file is currently open in the CATIA Session.


2. However when browsing to the location listed in the error message (where the original file was opened from), you can see it is missing. 


This is common when a network drive or USB drive has become detached, or perhaps a user as deleted the files in error. In these cases, simply attach the network drive(s) and/or USB again ensuring drive lettering remains the same. If the file has been deleted, simply check in the windows “Recycling Bin” and if it can be found in there, restore it!

But what can you do if neither of the above solutions are possible?

For a CATProduct, the user can simply press “Save” and the file will be regenerated in the folder, however this is not possible for a CATPart.

In the above example, the CATPart is called “Compressor_Housing.CATPart” which was originally opened from “F:\Compressor”. The user can essentially trick CATIA V5 into believing it is there again using a new black file:

1. Browse to the original directory (In this case, F:\Compressor).

2. Right click in the folder and create a new file of type CATIA Part.



3. Rename the new file to the name of the file loaded in CATIA V5 (In this example, Compressor_Housing).


4. Now perform the save in CATIA V5. Be aware that the following error may appear, stating that the Save has failed and there are errors now associated to the CATPart file. 

5. The “New File” will have now increased in size indicating the save has been successful.


6. Upon restarting your CATIA V5 session and opening the file again, there may be “DOC_6” errors. This can be removed using the CATDUAV5 functionality via File > Desk.


For more information about CATIA V5 or if you have any questions about 3DEXPERIENCE, please leave a comment below or email our helpdesk at

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