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DSLS Licences on Windows XP

When using Windows XP with CATIA, you can obtain a concurrent license from a server either using LUM or DSLS. For example if you are using CATIA R19 and would like to obtain a DSLS licence from the licence server, then you will need to add the following environment variable. This environment variable will allow the machine to communicate with the licence server to obtain a licence.

1) Start > Right-Click My Computer > Properties

  DSLS Licences on Windows XP 1     

2) Advanced > Environment Variable

DSLS Licences on Windows XP 2

3) System variables > New

DSLS Licences on Windows XP 3

4) Enter the following:

Variable value: TRUE

Click OK to save

DSLS Licences on Windows XP 4

Your CATIA R19 should now start and be able to obtain a licence.


If you still cannot obtain a licence, please check that you have set the DSLS licence pointer in the following location (you may need to create a Licenses folder and DSLicSrv.txt file)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DassaultSystemes\Licenses\DSLicSrv.txt

DSLS Licences on Windows XP 5

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