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Downloading and Installing Hot Fixes

Do you need a hot fix to be installed for your CATIA to work?

Sometimes there are a few critical problems within the CATIA software. A hot fix is a software maintenance package containing fixes for a small number of these issues. A hot fix can be made to address customer issues more quickly than waiting for the next service pack which has a scheduled release.  

A hot fix can be used to prevent simple and more complex issues found within the software. When a fix is requested it has to be first accepted and approved by Dassault Systèmes before being delivered to the customer.

One of the most common hot fixes that customers require is hot fix 96 for R19, this hot fix was made to allow CATIA R19 to use a different type of license however there are many other hot fixes that can be installed which resolve different issues within the program.


How do you get a hot fix and install it on your machine?

You can download a hot fix from Dassault Systèmes' website providing that you have a login for the online support system; if you go to their homepage you can navigate to

Support > Downloads > Hot fixes or alternatively you can use the link below:

Hot Fix Homepage

Once you log in, the webpage should look similar to what is shown below:

Dassault Systemes Hot Fix Screenshot

For CATIA you select V5 which will expand the tree and give you some more options, once you have selected V5 you then need to select the version/release that you need the hot fix for.

When you have a hot fix it also depends on the service pack that you have installed with CATIA so next you have to select the service pack (if you don’t know what service pack you have on your CATIA it can be checked in software management found in the tools folder under CATIA in the start menu).

Once you have selected these you can then pick the hot fix that you require. You can download the hot fix file for windows, Linux and Solaris.

A common question is “what do you do with the file that is downloaded?”... with the file you have downloaded you need to unzip it using a program called 7zip which you can download here.

Before you are able to install a hot fix, you need to commit the service pack, this can be done in the service pack installation process however if this was not done you can do this by going to the Start Menu > All Programs > CATIA > Tools > Software Management.

In the software management window there is a tab called “Service Pack Management” under this tab you can commit the service pack ready for the hot fix.

  Dassault Systemes Hot Fix Screenshot Dassault Systemes Hot Fix Screenshot  

Once the service pack has been committed you should be able to go ahead and install the hot fix by browsing to a directory similar to: …\HOTFIXR19SP9\CDROM\B19.9.96.win_b64\1\WIN64

Here you should be able to run the Hotfix.exe file which will start the install process.


For more information or for additional support, please contact our helpdesk or leave a comment below. 



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