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CATIA V6: Product Tree Reordering

Within the Assembly Design workbench in CATIA V6, there initially doesn’t appear to be a way of reordering the Product tree. The Tree Reordering icon is missing from the toolbars, and it appears that the only way to reorder the tree is to go into the VPM Physical Editor workbench, where the Tree Reordering icon is present (within the Product Editor toolbar).

However, the ability to reorder the product tree still exists within the Assembly Design workbench, even if it is not obvious in the outset. With a product document open within the Assembly Design workbench, simple select the Edit menu and then select Tree Reordering:

CATIA V6 Product Tree Reordering

Initially nothing will appear to happen, until a node within the tree is selected, at which point the Tree Reordering dialog will be displayed:

CATIA V6 Product Tree Reordering

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