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Measure Directly From Your CAD Screen… Literally!!

Want to measure directly from your monitor using a ruler but struggle to scale your CAD accordingly? Well let us show how you can do just that using Dassault Systèmes CATIA applications!

WARNING: This will only work if any other screen sizing variable has been disabled! E.g. CATForceVideoSize

In order to calibrate our display, you will need to set two windows environment variables; CATWidthMMOfScreen and CATHeightMMOfScreen. The variables that you will need to measure are the screen width in millimetres and the screen height in millimetres. e.g. My monitor screen has a width of 595mm and a height of 345mm.

1) Set the Environment Variables in windows:

a) Select the START button on the taskbar and right click on COMPUTER and select PROPERTIES:

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 1


  Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 1      


Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 3 

d) Select NEW… in the ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES dialog box:

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 4 

e) Enter two new variables; CATWidthMMOfScreen and CATHeightMMOfScreen with values corresponding to your monitor screen width and height:

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 5

f) Press OK and close all dialog boxes.

2) Launch CATIA V5

a) Either open an existing component (Part/Product) or create a new component:

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 6  

b) Run command “C: SCALE PLANES”:

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 7  

c) The SCALE PLANES PROPERTIES dialog box will inherit the WIDTH and HEIGHT from the environment variable set in 1). These can be left as default then press OK.

Measure Directly from Your CAD Screen 8

d) Set a standard view e.g. Front/Top/Etc and using a ruler directly measure from your monitor screen for exact measurements.

e) To turn off the screen scaling, simply run the same command from step 2b) again.


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