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What would you do with more money and more time?

Yes that’s right, it’s the stuff dreams are made of….

Well if your dreams are based around engineering part design; and your wishes are for increased profit and less time spent trying to find existing data, redesigning things and ultimately creating less duplicates….!?

Let’s look at some facts.

  • Each new item/part number has carrying costs of between £2,700 -£13,500 per annum – The Aberdeen Group
  • Workers spend +38% of their time searching for information (part and related information) – McDermott
  • “Up to 80% of the work done in an engineering department is identical or very similar to work done previously.” From research by Arthur D Little

What does this mean?
Basically it means a lot of time and resources is wasted on new part creation simply because it takes too long to find previous parts & data. The result; duplicate parts, lost product knowledge, increased inventory and wasted time.

Sound familiar?
In a land of multiple CAD systems, analysis solutions, manufacturing/machining solutions, PDM systems etc, etc it’s easy to see how it becomes nigh on impossible to find your own work, let alone conduct an accurate company wide search.

So what can be done?
Enter EXALEAD OnePart – part of the Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio – the bit that answers the ‘IF WE could reveal and reuse this similar work to increase productivity and create more value?’…. Essentially EXALEAD Onepart is a ‘Discovery Application’ that allows users to search for legacy parts, designs, related data and documentation across the organisation wherever its stored; be it CAD systems, PLM/PDM systems, sharepoints, non-CAD formats such as word, Excel PDF etc, etc. It promotes reuse; accelerating product development, quality and delivery speed whilst reducing the cost of redesign, materials, manufacturing etc.


The EXALEAD Approach

How does it work?
The ‘big data’ application uses Web-innovated semantics, analytics, meta-data, shape search (R2014x), and advanced data integration capabilities to cost-effectively overcome information access challenges found in most companies today. OnePart  leverages EXALEAD CloudView™, the proven technology for rapidly making sense of disparate data from multiple locations.

The EXALEAD Approach

Users can explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, gaining immediate insight into vast amounts of previously hidden data. They can further refine their search using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse. When a similar part is discovered, the user can also analyse important related documentation like specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats (such as .xls & .pdf) to facilitate optimal reuse and a complete view of the situation.

What about training and implementation?
It’s a web based application with ‘Google-like’ ease of use, so little or no training is needed.  EXALEAD doesn’t replace anything; it enhances the value of your existing systems so deployment is quick and painless!

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