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Q-Checker – Product Data Quality Solution

Q-checker…… the spell checker for CATIA!

Hands up who uses spell check for emails, documents, letters…? All of us right!? So who wouldn’t love to have a ‘spell check’ for your product data? Enter Q-checker….

Essentially Q-checker checks the product data for quality (Product Data Quality or PDQ). It ‘knows’ what is wrong or right from a ‘check profile’ that is configured for every customer, specific to your internal design rules or those who you supply.  Q-checker runs inside CATIA as you work, it collects information from your model and lets you know if you have violated any rules and the reasons why, then offers automatic healing or error descriptions!

The benefits are clear, it saves you time and money by ensuring that CAD methodology is adhered to from the offing (even with your new recruits!) and prevents the costly downstream error repairs.

With over 1500 OEM’s and suppliers worldwide using Q-checker you can be confident in its pedigree!

For more information visit our Q-Checker pages!